Syriana- Review

Seapoint’s busy main road has quickly become one of my favourite spots, because of its variety of little stores, restaurants, dessert joints and the seafront, just a short walk away.

Starting with humble beginnings, Syriana started out selling their delicious Middle Eastern cuisine from a food truck, but they can now be easily found in Seapoint, glowing black and white signage making it easy to find.

I was particularly excited when my friend Aneesa and I decided on Syriana for our monthly catch-up because although I had spent a large part of my childhood in the Middle East, I hadn’t had the food for a very long time.

As we walked into Syriana, we were happily surprised to find that although the venue wasn’t huge, it wasn’t cramped either. With walls decorated with black and white patterns, Syriana has spacious pearly- white booths with comfy seats, booths with swings ( which I only noticed after we’d settled into our booth), a front section catering for hookah smokers and a back non-smoking section.

We finally settled into one of the spacious booths at the back, after finding that there weren’t any small booths, which catered for less than four people. We didn’t wait long to be greeted by a friendly waitress who came to take our order and as we arrived quite early ( just before 6 pm), there weren’t many people, but it quickly filled up after 7 pm.

Aneesa was excited by all the starter options, many of which she had never tried before and I was more than ready to take my taste buds down memory lane. We decided on hummus ( a dip made with mashed chickpeas, usually blended with tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and salt) and pita bread, lentil soup, and falafel ( deep fried ball made from ground chickpea or other beans).

We were quite full from the delicious starters, but as we still wanted to try one of the main meals so we ordered a chicken shawarma platter to share and two glasses of orange juice.Β  It wasn’t served like any shawarma I had ever eaten. It was cut into small portions, drizzled with a sauce which tasted like barbeque sauce ( tahini and pomegranate sauce) and it was served with crispy, thinly sliced potato chips ( like a packet of chips, not chips like fries).

I wasn’t too fond of the texture of the bread used to wrap the filling in, but the chicken was flavourful and tender, and I enjoyed the potato crisps as a swap to the usual fries.

Overall, I think that Syriana is a fantastic venue for group gatherings, but I wouldn’t suggest it for intimate occasions ( one-on-one dates). Aneesa and I found it quite difficult to have a conversation while other big groups celebrated birthdays and the like.

The mouth-watering starter options will keep you coming back for more and although the shawarma didn’t blow me away, it was quite tasty and I look forward to trying the other main meal options, such as the grills and the array of flat bread which are available.

They also have food trucks which are located in different markets around the Western Cape, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their social media.

Where pricing is concerned:

You could pay between R70-R110 for the main meal.

The starters ( Mezes) range between R20 and R70 rand depending on the portions.


Service- 7/10

Starters- 8/10

Main Meal-6/10

Atmosphere and environment-8/10

307 Mount curtis, main road, Sea point,
Western Cape, Cape Town, 8060, South Africa


+27 21 434 1020

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 1pm-12am
Sat-Sun 11am-1am





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