Nuri Sushi – Review


My friend and I decided to catch up over sushi, so she suggested a place in town.

After walking through the Saturday hustle and bustle of Cape Town CBD, I walked into Nuri Sushi and found that it was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday afternoon.

As I arrived a while before my friend, I decided to have a seat. I was immediately greeted by a  friendly waiter who offered me a drink, a menu and the Wi-Fi password if needed.

I used the time to take in what the interior looked like. I took a few pictures, but the lighting wasn’t great.


Nuri express Claremont is open 🎉🎉😁#happiness #goodtimes #sushi #letsgo

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The atmosphere and interior of Nuri Sushi is casual and cool, perfect for lunch or a late meal. I appreciated that there were very few customers, so it was quiet enough for us to talk and catch up.

As I haven’t had much sushi my friend suggested that California rolls with salmon would be great as a sushi starter for me. It is a roll of sushi, filled with cucumber and avocado and then you have the option to have it with salmon, prawn, tuna, veg, crab, tempura prawn or spicy tuna.

We also ordered crunches, which my friend originally thought was normal sushi covered in sesame seeds, but we were happily surprised to find what they really were. We ordered smoked salmon, cream cheese and chives crunch sushi. It is covered in tempura crumbs, chilli bean mayo and sesame seeds. This is fried and then topped with a tasty sweet chilli and Japanese mayo.


The combination of the fried Crunches and the California rolls was a good choice because the Crunches are quite rich, whereas the California rolls are refreshing with its simple ingredients.

The Crunches was our favourite between the two, so we ordered another platter to share. Sushi looks really small in portion sizes, but it’s actually quite filling once the rice expands in your stomach and I was stuffed at the end of our lunch date.

I think the prices are affordable for the portions given. It’s definitely not what you would call a high-end sushi bar, but it is definitely a must-try as it is not only great for a chill session,  but it is family friendly as well.

The food is good, the service is friendly and I think if you are trying our sushi for the first time, it’s a good place to start. If you are planning on visiting at night, though, try to arrive early as it can get quite busy at night and there aren’t any booking options available.

Tip:  Dear sushi amateurs like me…the swirly green stuff is not avo. It is wasabi and it will sting your tongue. Use in very small doses.

8 Parliament St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000

021 461 8719

118 St George’s Mall, CBD, Cape Town

021 4223998


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