A Cuppa Flo- Halaal reviews

Fellow local Muslims, we all know the dining out drill, right? You decide to dine out with friends or family and even after it’s been confirmed halaal, your eyes involuntarily begin to scan the restaurant for the halaal certificate and any area that resembles a bar…

Finding a fully-halaal eatery in Cape Town can be a difficult task, especially if you’re a foodie looking to have your culinary needs fulfilled, but fear not, as I have compiled a list of of halal eateries and venues that I love and that is a ‘must visit’ , if you haven’t found these hidden gems already. The list is a compilation of family friendly venues, restaurants for elegant events and venues for casual meet-ups.

As I go along, I will add to the list and please do take a look at the reviews that I will be posting on each one, as it will give you a better feel for each eatery.

Halaal restaurants to visit in Cape Town

  1. Eastern food bazaar
  2. Alhambra
  3. Arabian Nights
  4. Atlantic Express cake and coffee train
  5. The Pearl Spoon
  6. Truffle
  7. Saray
  8. The Lounge on Kromboom
  9. Nuri Sushi Factory
  10. Jiah Restaurant
  11. Syriana


Well, there you have it. These are just some of Cape Town’s best fully-halaal, fine dining experiences that await you. Here’s to good food and family.

May the halaal certificates in restaurants be with you…

I will update this list and add reviews, as I eat my way through the mother city.
Shukran for visiting my blog.


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